The Great American Hermit
"A New England Tradition"
The origen of the spicy and chewy hermit bar is really not known. As they keep quite well, (six months shelf life in the package) it is believed that sailers brought these with them when out on long whaling or fishing voyages. It has shown up in some cook books in the fourth quarter of the 19th century in the New England area. We do know that a recipee was published in an 1877 Portland, Maine cookbook. There is also some speculation that they originated in the Upper Lake Champlain area of Vermont or possiblely across the Lake in New York State. In any event, they became very popular and a favorit cookie throughout New England

Our spicy Hermits are made with ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, and ginger. along with molassas, butter, flour, and sugar. and above all, the raisin. Our Hermit cookies are made from all natural ingredients

Though not traditional, a lemon drizzle is optional. Contact us to order the drizzle. Drizzle is made with concentrated lemon juice and confectionary sugar

The majority of our business relies on the commercial customer and as such our wholesale rates are available
8 oz package
Hermit Plate
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