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Chutney House: Bow, New Hampshire


Shipping has been set up to go through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase. It will accept all major credit cards.

Packages are sent priority mail or first class which ever is the most economical USPS throughout the Unites States. Shipping to other countries can be arrainged. Just e-mail us and we will issue shipping rates.

The shipping account has been set to ship up to (24) jars in the same package. After (24) it will add an additional package. Shipping costs are also set up to ship up to 24 hermits in a package

If we are out of stock on any product, we will let you know. We should have the item back in stock in (10) business days, and immediatly ship it off to you.

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Please advise should you experience any glitches in the system so we may tweek it as need be.

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Tom Campbell Wilson, Proprietor